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So we were sitting around the FUSEBOX (FUSE boardroom) table (designed and built by yours truly)for our monthly office meeting and we finally decided to have our own little internal t-shirt design competition. This is the perfect opportunity to use and tone our creative muscle on something other than architecture.

Of course we decided to invite our “outstanding” marketing firm “Catapult Marketing” that cohabitates in the office to join in the fun. What we forgot was that they have their all-star graphic designer “Lesley Pocklington”. So maybe we will have to get her to design with one hand tied behind her back.

We also invited the keener consultant aka “hired-gun” Lukas Woch from Ergo Design Studio who is already working on his design even though he has until July 3rd when we collaboratively pick the winning T-shirt design. 

Oh look he is cheating using the magic juice (A nice Cabernet “Yali”  from the Colchoguo Valley in Chile) to help with his design. Must be FUSE Friday.

So if your interested we will be posting the wining design early in July. Should be a fun one and I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with since we have such a talented group.


Cheers Mike


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