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FUSE Friday at the Movies

So what do you do on FUSE Friday when you’re a Trekkie? Take the whole office out to see the new Star Trek movie “Star Trek Into Darkness“!

20130524_131305_resizedA couple of Fridays ago, the offices of Catapult and Fuse met at the Cineplex Odeon South Common, loaded up on popcorn and pop, and turned ‘FUSE Friday’ into ‘FUSE Friday Out of Office’. We got our 3D glasses and sat down for a really awesome movie experience.

So, the verdict? As a die-hard Trekkie, I would like a little less J.J. Abrams and a little more Gene Roddenberry. But really when it comes down to it, just to see our favourite characters on the big screen is a treat. All the quirks are present, even the classic Bones line: “My god Jim, I am a doctor not a …”.

I’d strongly recommend you see the movie in 3D if you have the chance because it really gives you a great perspective on the enormity of the Enterprise. The Enterprise really is another character in the movie, and to see it in 3D and on the big screen blows me away.

FUSE gives the movie a  thumbs up. And from an architecture point of view, the movie gets a double thumbs up. The futuristic San Francisco looks like it naturally evolved to how it was presented. My only complaint is that everything is grey or chrome. If anything, would like to see more colour in future architecture and design. I am guessing that artistic license was taken to give the sense of a futuristic city but in a way that doesn’t take away from the characters or action.

We like to do fun activities like this as a team because it gets the creative juices flowing. So, thank you to the whole FUSE Architecture + Design office, and our office cohabitants Catapult Marketing, for coming to the movie and humoring the Trekkies in us.

The only problem is now how to top this FUSE Friday??

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